Grade 5 students studying at Kaw G'Law School

Grade 5 students studying at Kaw G'Law School

WHY help us power the Karen Schools?

99.9%: of the Karen village schools have no electricity and no access to electricity.

100%: of students use candles as means to study and to complete homework after sundown

100%: of Schools are built with wood

50%: of the household income goes to buying candles for their children to study, tutor, and complete homework at night (Equivalent to 1 USD per month).

4: The number of candles used nightly per student to complete homework and study

4: The languages that the students learn starting from Kindergarten through Grade 11. (Karen, Burmese, English, and Thai)

57: Average number of students per school


1. Provide a 4 panel solar powered system that includes 24 LED- Flat panel lights, 6 DC fans, Set of Batteries, controller, and outlets. 

2. Teach and instruct the village council and school council how to install and maintain the system.

YEAR 1 (2017): 20 SCHOOLS


Give the gift of power and education.

100% of your donation goes towards providing solar power systems to schools to increase the livelihood of students in rural villages.


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