Happy New Year! It's been an awesome 2016!


"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people." -Steve Jobs

Happy New Year! Wishing you a blissful, happy, loving, and healthy 2017.

In 2016, Clean Power for Humanity (CPH) achieved many "FIRSTS". We had a lot of fun laughing (and crying) our way through ups and downs of navigating the charity space in Hong Kong. Much of what CPH accomplished is owed back to the countless individuals that provided their expertise in helping CPH grow and move forward. Clean Power for Humanity would NOT be here without the endless support, love, dinners, wine, candy, hikes, massages, and coaching from our advocates. I cannot thank my Board members enough for coaching me through the unknown world of charity's in HK and keeping me motivated and sane as I pressed on. I am truly blessed and grateful to all my friends and family in HK, New York, and New Orleans for the overwhelming likes, comments, votes of confidence, hugs, high fives, and help in 2016. Thank you for being part of my and Clean Power for Humanity's journey. Thank you for helping me achieve and become a stronger leader. The list of "FIRST's" below is an account of everything you have helped me achieve for Clean Power for Humanity in 2016. LOVE AND HIGH FIVES to all of you.

Clean Power for Humanity's List of Firsts for 2016 (in no particular order):

1. Cultivated Myanmar contacts through volunteering at Crossroads.

2. Secured free office space with WeWork for 2017.

3. Ventured to Karen State, Myanmar to research the education system, the community, and ask what is their greatest need and desire for their schools. Also to gather relevant information for board member approval and fundraising.

4. Formed partnerships with Karen Education Department and Karen National Union.

5. I slept on wooden slats close to the ground, with a mosquito net every night. I was woken up by gorgeous sunrise and put to sleep by tranquil sunsets. I trudged through rain and mud, and endured carsickness to reach the furthest Karen Schools to add to my list of schools for the solar system project. I visited 15 villages and saw 25 schools, 2 medical clinics, and 4 dormitories in 5 days that would benefit from CPH's solar system. (See my blog post from August 2016).

6. Met with principals of each Karen Schools and over 250 Karen students.

7. I was blown away by the immense importance that the community and parents place on education and the curriculum that the Karen Students follow.

8. Updated CPH's website and social media presence after consulting with two amazing and giving marketing and tech experts.

9. Cultivated contacts and found free venues to perform CPH's first and second fundraiser in HK and USA, respectively.

10. Designed and produced CPH's first "postcard" for fundraising events.

11. Designed fundraising pitch and deck for both fundraisers.

12. Designed a video detailing Karen State stats and featuring some of the schools.

13. Increased CPH's social media presence, blogging, and posting.

14. Asking friends for help!

15. Organized and hosted TWO (2) Fundraisers. One in Hong Kong and One in New York City, USA.

16. Met one of the top Generals in Karen State.

17. Fell in love with Apple and my host family.

18. Traveled to the tiny Thai town of Mae Sot to cross the border to Myanmar.

19. Ventured into one of the largest refugee camps in Thailand to try to gain some understanding and knowledge of the ethnic conflicts that are taking place in Myanmar.

20. Setup e-commerce and negotiate charity rates for transactions/donations.

21. Accepted our first donation (plus 45 more!)

22. Hired our first accountant and conducted our first annual audit in Hong Kong.

23. Finding a sustainable project that will provide light and electricity to over 1200 schools and 68,400 students.

As Steve Jobs said, this could not be done alone. Clean Power for Humanity had a full team of experts, supporters, and cheerleaders that helped us achieve these "firsts".  THANK YOU.

We cannot wait to see what happens in 2017!